QUESTION:  Who knows when your customer

                        plans to replace their car?

ANSWER:  Your Customer!

Introducing the Car Replacement

Survey process!

Congratulate your customers when their loan matures to 50%. Celebrate with a $20 Amazon cash offer for completing a brief Car Replacement Survey.

Here's How it Works:

1.  Customer Pre-Survey Data

Once a month, dealer enters customer data into the Car Doctor password-protected portal, when their loan matures to 50%.


2.  Customer Notification Process

Dealer deploys the survey offer to customers by Email or text.

3.  Customer Survey Data

a. Once deployed, each customer reply will arrive to the designated individuals email box(s).

b. If no reply, have BDC or sales rep follow up to ensure the offer is valid and/or notify customer about a bad mobile number or bounced email address. Update customer data to earn a repeat sale.


4.  Invoice Terms:

a. Dealer agrees to pay AutoLine $25 if the $20 amazon offer results in a completed survey.

b. No charge when data fails to result in a completed survey.

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