QUESTION:  Who knows when your member plans to replace their car (and pay-off their loan)?


ANSWER:  Your Member!


Introducing the AutoCashLoan Replacement Survey process:

Congratulate your member when their loan matures to 50%.  Celebrate with a $50 Amazon coupon for completing a brief survey including the car replacement (and loan pay-off) plan.

...Loyalty & Repeat Loans Made Easy!

Here's How it Works:


1.  Member Pre-Survey Data

Each month the credit union captures a list of members with loan maturity at 50% including email and/or cell number.


2.  Member Notification Process

a. Member data is entered into the credit union’s password protected Loan Replacement Portal. 

b. Each member is notified by text or email about the $50 Amazon coupon offer in exchange for completion of a Loan Replacement Survey. 


3.  Member Survey Data

a. The member reply will arrive to the credit union’s designated individual(s) email box. 

b. The member will receive a second coupon, as a reminder, on the date provided on the vehicle replacement survey.

c. If no reply, have your member service staff follow-up/clean-up your data AND get your member’s loan replacement plans!


4.  Invoice Terms:

The credit union agrees to pay AutoLine $350 per month for the software maintenance and service requirements.